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anti-shia violence by sunnis







Can you imagine if the Jews or Americans did this in Guantanamo?

This is no joke, people. These are real human beings.

As it stands, there were dozens of books, movies, and other cultural products made about Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, a tiny percentage of it covering the unimaginable violence throughout Cuban prison systems or the 30 000 death penalties, not to mention eye-gougings, acid-dissolvements, tongue excisions, and more that defined the real Abu Ghraib.

All the blood libel about Jews, which is all libel, when we have real acts like these which are not libel but the truth?

All this “Nazi” accusation about Israel, all the cartoons drenched in Jew hate, insinuating that “zionists” have despicable morals and desecrate bodies, and total silence about this routine action of the Taliban? Michael Moore dares defend the Iraqi insurgency and others defend the Taliban. This is the Taliban. There is no crime that could fit this particular desecration of dignity: we should not be looking at humans like this even if they were serial killers. But we all know the biggest crime of these victims is spying, apostasy, or blasphemy.

When will the leftists ever stop looking at Israel’s crimes of self defense and speak out against the most barbaric indignities humans have ever suffered at the hands of the Taliban?

The terrible truth that I now admit is that as a leftist, I didn’t even know this existed. I didn’t know who Saddam Hussein even was, or that he was actually not “the most demonized” man in the world.