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Leftists like Mike Moore would have you believe that Bush killed more people than Saddam, that Bush attacked innocent people, that the Iraqi insurgents were innocent freedom fighters rather than Saddam’s henchman, that oodles of dictators are worse than Saddam, or that taking Saddam down was not a good reason to invade Iraq. The truth is that Saddam Hussein was one of the most sadistic men of all time. Leftist lunatic George Galloway said Saddam Hussein had a gentle handshake. These people didn’t think so.


Muthanna Mass Grave


Dr. Bakhtiar Amin, the former Iraqi Minister for Human Rights, about this Muthanna Mass Grave uncovered in 2005


I hope that the evidence the un-named archaeologist finds will help prosecute Saddam Hussein and his lieutenants.  When I see images like these, I can’t help but remember that France, Germany, and Russia would have kept Saddam in power.

182,000 Kurds are still unaccounted for…