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because we’re racists- pat condell tells it like it is, again


barbarians in pakistan beat yet another blasphemer to death

Barbarians in Pakistan beat to death and burn yet another human being for “blasphemy.” Yet Obama and CAIR and the left continue to pursue objectives with the OIC to criminalize criticism of Islam all around the world. While legal and vigilante justice in Egypt and Pakistan and Nigeria continues to mean the slaughter of infidels and Christians and Jews, leftists in the west keep marching against Israel for “apartheid.” Sick.

the montreal massacre- lest we forget



Coming out of the moral relativist fog of leftism, in my early awakening I rapidly gained an understanding of jihadism and islamist violence. Since motive is fully relevant to a crime, it’s ludicrous that details are often left out of stories, but I had learned that fear of “racial profiling”- which is not based on prejudice but on likelihood and demographics-meant often honour crimes or jihadist crimes of other Islamically motivated crimes would be whitewashed or placed alongside other crimes. It’s NOT that a serial killer is better because he’s white, and leftists who cry “racist” here and insinuate that we think that are truly deranged by self righteousness and blindness. The motive does matter, a woman who kills her children because she went off her meds versus a man who kills his wife  because she was unfaithful versus a bunch of drunk men getting into a fatal fistfight after a hockey game in a bar- these are all different motives and kinds of crime, and we need to examine them and study them to understand them. Likewise, a man who kills his daughter because she disgraced him by talking to boys is a different motive. All murder is heinous, but that doesn’t change the fact that there are different clusters of motivations, and we need to be able to understand those.

What does this have to do with the Montreal Massacre? Hmm, not sure, but one day I read something on facebook about this notorious crime in Montreal in 1989 when a woman-hating monster named Marc Lepine marched into an engineering classroom and started griping that women shouldn’t be taking jobs etc, and then he committed mass murder.

And I thought for a minute, this sounds like a bizarre blend between an honour killing and a jihad  attack, even though Marc Lepine is as white cake as you can be, and the massacre also matched closely the modus operandi of quite a few American school shoot outs. Still, I was curious and decided to look into this Marc Lepine. It turns out he’s Algerian-Canadian and his real name is Gamil Gharbi.

Does it matter? I don’t know enough about the crime to know. Was his motivation different from a white Francophone’s would have been?  No matter who did this or why, their actions were monstrous and they should be put to death. But I still think it’s important to ask questions about motive and race and profile and demographics and beliefs. We owe it to the people who lose their lives to stop being polite and get to the root of many issues.