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Islamic Jew Hatred

The left won’t accept that many (most?) Muslims hate Jews, and that the hatred goes back to the prophet’s hatred, not to 1948 when a bunch of half-fried refugees were given back a tiny piece of their land.

The facts don’t fit into their paradigm that the white man is the evil hater and eveyrone else gets along just fine without him.

Kind of like all the other stuff they ignore or blame on whitey- the plague of rape in the Congo, for example, and Saddam Hussein.

If anyone should mention that Islam hates Jews, we are called racist or Islamophobic.

Pointing out the hundreds of thousands of examples of Muslims, Islamic leaders and imams in their own words doesn’t hold any weight either, the way evidence should, because apparently what they say and what is true underneath the tough guy veneer are two different things.

These useful idiots will be in a for a  big surprise when they are earmarked for torture and death.

And even if it’s a “conspiracy” theory that the Muslims have taken over by sword much of the earth, as evidenced by history and any map, and profess the continuing desire to take more for a caliphate, because the whole world belongs to their god, even though it’s not, it’s doctrine and history and reality, it doesn’t actually matter. Because the Muslims can still take you down even if you are “safe” in America or Europe. Case in point, recently a Coptic Christian man in Toronto was sentenced to death by Egypt- in absentia. His crime? Blasphemy. Apparently he colluded on that crappy little film Innocence of Muslims- which was historically accurate by the way and taken from Islamic historical sources. Since the man never colluded on said film, and even if he did, he was understandably alarmed by the severity of the death penalty. When he said in a newspaper, this is serious, these people don’t think twice about beheading people they don’t like, he was condemned as racist. Go figure.

Furthermore, it is Muslims withholding human rights for gay people, yet gay idiots keep marching against “Israeli apartheid” in pride parades. The one country in the Middle East and Africa where gays flock from tyranny and death to freedom and safety is the one they hate. This is indeed nothing but antisemitism. It is foaming hatred, irrational and blinding. Even evidence fails to change its mind, the sure mark of racism. The Islamic countries refused to acknowledge gay people as human beings deserving of human rights last year at the UN. There was no stink from the left whatsoever about this historical crushing defeat. But when Uganda hoped to bring back the death penalty for gays, there have  been countless petitions. Yes, I signed them, because I condemn gay hatred in Uganda, too, but the point is that more than three quarters of Africa and the Middle East already have death penalty or torture penalty for gays and no one says boo and they work hard to keep it that way. Despite being populated by black people, who can’t be guilty of homophobia because they are oppressed by white men ten thousand miles away, Uganda is an acceptable target because Christians are implicated in the bill. Which is despicable, but is not “business as usual” for Christians.

Furthermore, people in Europe, Canada, and America have been persecuted for blasphemy, thousands of miles away from countries that punish blasphemy by death. While we are free in these our own countries to mock Jesus Christ and piss on him and have that funded by the government as art, free to portray the Virgin Mary getting nailed, free to say F*** God and publish atheist manifestos, we are not free to criticize child marriage or the castration of little girls. The OIC is working hard to spread international blasphemy laws to make it a crime globally to criticize Islam. I’m not making this up. It should be front page news at the New York Times but they’re too busy trying to show how oppressed Julian Assange is for his treasonous acts of “transparency.” Worse, dear president Barack Obama cheerfully supports such efforts- remember, the future does not belong to those who mock Islam.

In any event, this page has links to a number of sources ranging in quality and showing heaps of evidence that shows the poison of antisemitism in Islam.

‘The only religion I respect is Islam. The only prophet I admire is the Prophet Muhammad.’ — Adolf Hitler (from “The Mysterious Achmed Huber: Friend to Hitler”)


the montreal massacre- lest we forget



Coming out of the moral relativist fog of leftism, in my early awakening I rapidly gained an understanding of jihadism and islamist violence. Since motive is fully relevant to a crime, it’s ludicrous that details are often left out of stories, but I had learned that fear of “racial profiling”- which is not based on prejudice but on likelihood and demographics-meant often honour crimes or jihadist crimes of other Islamically motivated crimes would be whitewashed or placed alongside other crimes. It’s NOT that a serial killer is better because he’s white, and leftists who cry “racist” here and insinuate that we think that are truly deranged by self righteousness and blindness. The motive does matter, a woman who kills her children because she went off her meds versus a man who kills his wife  because she was unfaithful versus a bunch of drunk men getting into a fatal fistfight after a hockey game in a bar- these are all different motives and kinds of crime, and we need to examine them and study them to understand them. Likewise, a man who kills his daughter because she disgraced him by talking to boys is a different motive. All murder is heinous, but that doesn’t change the fact that there are different clusters of motivations, and we need to be able to understand those.

What does this have to do with the Montreal Massacre? Hmm, not sure, but one day I read something on facebook about this notorious crime in Montreal in 1989 when a woman-hating monster named Marc Lepine marched into an engineering classroom and started griping that women shouldn’t be taking jobs etc, and then he committed mass murder.

And I thought for a minute, this sounds like a bizarre blend between an honour killing and a jihad  attack, even though Marc Lepine is as white cake as you can be, and the massacre also matched closely the modus operandi of quite a few American school shoot outs. Still, I was curious and decided to look into this Marc Lepine. It turns out he’s Algerian-Canadian and his real name is Gamil Gharbi.

Does it matter? I don’t know enough about the crime to know. Was his motivation different from a white Francophone’s would have been?  No matter who did this or why, their actions were monstrous and they should be put to death. But I still think it’s important to ask questions about motive and race and profile and demographics and beliefs. We owe it to the people who lose their lives to stop being polite and get to the root of many issues.