Erasing Gaza’s Jewish history with the help of the BBC

BBC Watch

Readers visiting the homepage of the BBC News website on January 7th will have noticed the feature entitled “Preserving the Past”. 

hp 7 1 features

The link leads to an article entitled “Gaza’s archaeological treasures at risk from war and neglect“. 

Gaza archaeology

The article opens:

“Settled by civilisations spanning some five millennia, Gaza has been built layer-upon-layer since the Bronze Age.

As each era ended, its people left behind remnants of their times – churches, monasteries, palaces and mosques, as well as thousands of precious artefacts.”

So from its very beginning, this article airbrushes out any mention of one group of people who were among the most consistent inhabitants of Gaza, beginning with the Hasmoneans in 145 BCE (long before the religions which built churches, monasteries or mosques were founded) through the Middle Ages and up to 1929 when, in the wake of the Hebron massacre, the British mandatory authorities ordered…

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