Most people get their knowledge about the war in Iraq from lying hypocrites like Mike Moore- WHO SUPPORTS THE INSURGENCY IN IRAQ. The insurgency are those on the said of Saddam Hussein. You know, one of the greatest monsters of all time. He was far more sadistic than Hitler was. The only difference was the scale. Which was still huge, but not as huge.

The Jew haters who run cartoons featuring Israelis as Nazis show their true colours because they don’t run similar critiques of Saddam or others like him. While the Israelis simply don’t purposefully target civilians, don’t cut off arms and legs, and don’t torture Jewish or Muslim Israelis who dissent from the dominant government view, and nor do they shovel their enemies into ovens. They are called Nazis for one reason alone- they defend themselves. When Mike Moore is talking about honouring the “innocent” in Iraq he means Saddam’s men, and doesn’t give a fuck about those who were victims of Saddam. Countless blinded children. Thirty thousand executions at Abu Ghraib. Yes, that Abu Ghraib, except that all you hear is how the evil Americans “humiliated” Iraqi terrorists by putting panties on their head.

Here's a victim of Saddam Hussein. I bet he was praying for Bush to hurry.

Here’s a victim of Saddam Hussein. I bet he was praying for Bush to hurry.

Progress in Iraq since 2003

Thanks to documentary film, WMD: The Murderous Reign of Saddam Hussein, for these illuminating facts.

Freely held elections, with 8 million voters

Constitution, the most progressive in the middle east, including women’s rights,

Nearly 200 independent newspapers up and printing

And 80 independent tv stations, versus one state run station before the war

168 thousand internet subscribers, versus 4500 before war

Iraqi stock exchange open and freely trading

27 thousand plus new businesses opened

over 3000 schools rehabilitated and functioning

9 million math and science text books distributed

22 universities and 43 technical schools opened

more than 30 000 teachers trained for secondary school

4.3 million kids enrolled in primary school, from 3.6 million

7 million kids received vaccinations

140 health care clinics have been built

150 plus other health care facilities have been built

20 hospitals rehabilitated and operating, new hospitals built

death rate half of what it was under Saddam, now among the lowest in Middle East

76 water treatment projects complete, another 80 plus underway

over 30 sewer projects completed

80 fire stations built or in progress

expanded electricity

trial and execution of Saddam Hussein


Thousands of people blinded and killed by chemicals by Saddam Hussein

Thousands of people blinded and killed by chemicals by Saddam Hussein


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