boko haram, cultural relativism, leftist thinking

The thing with being ex left is that I understand perfectly how I think and how I respond- now and then, giving me two perspectives. When someone said A did this, as a leftist I said, B does this too. Case closed. Tidy, all are equal. Moral relativism and cultural relativism is the plague of the left- the same thinking that leads us to think ‘all are equal” is a good thing and the erasure of individual personality, achievement, and responsibility also leads to the idea that all cultures are equal and all bad things are just as bad.

So I already know that leftists reading this post- about 27 schools burned down by Boko Haram, a Muslim terrorist group whose name means “education is evil”- will say “yeah but republicans refuse to teach about gay marriage in school.” And so there you have it.

Even as leftists will decry others pointing out atrocities that are much worse than the actions of Mitt Romney or Rob Ford, say beheading Buddhists in Thailand, saying that “just because someone else does something wrong doesn’t mean that it was okay forty years ago for Mitt to cut off a kid’s ponytail”, meaning that another crime doesn’t erase one just because it’s worse, will also use the “yeah but” to point out a crime that is not nearly as bad.

guy: Boko Haram destroyed 27 schools and executed hundreds of men, women and children after torturing them

leftist: but the Republicans are against gay marriage and won’t allow rainbow flags in schools.

guy: I’m actually more worried about the hundreds of homosexuals who have been publicly hung from cranes or dissected and left in the back of pick up trucks throughout Iran and Iraq and beyond, where being gay is still punishable by death.

leftist: just because there is violence elsewhere doesn’t negate the evil Republican agenda.


In any event, all that has nothing to do with the schools that Boko Haram is committed to destroy as illustrated by its namesake. Except that you would be hardpressed to find many republicans burning schoolchildren alive. I actually believed all the brainwashing that said that the white man was the source of all evil and that evil in Nigeria or Mali or Venezuela was somehow the responsibility of the white man or at least his corporations. I should have instead of believed the teaching of the Christian church which taught that all men are wicked and didn’t point specifically to white men. I actually believed that there was no misognyny or slavery or cruelty in people other than whites! I thought missionaries were racist for talking about cannibals. That white men brought war to peace loving native tribes. That “traditional African religions” did not involve human sacrifice. What a crock! White people have had and have now their fair share of sins and crimes, and so does everyone else.



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