Hamas lynches men in public



Many are still going on about the “disproportionate” show of Israeli force aboard the Marmara flotilla Free Gaza in 2010, when Israeli soldiers were greeted on board a trespassing boat with hordes of “peace activists” waving bats at them, and ultimately killed nine people when the crowd of thugs could not be calmed.

But last month, six men were shot in the streets without a trial by Hamas vigilantes, accused of “spying” and at least one body was dragged through the streets by a gang of motorcycles. Crowds of cheering Palestinians celebrated their deaths.

Whenever I bring this up, it is outright ignored, or worse, excused by Hamas’ apparent terrible fear of the evil Jews.

More proof that Israel’s critics aren’t acting out of concern for innocent Palestinians. Otherwise, they would be all over this. Castro wrote about how evil America assassinated Osama Bin Laden without a trial, but had nothing to say about this, which is after all just every day life for people oppressed by terrorists. And that’s okay, as long as it’s not corporate America or Jews.


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