the truth about guns


Warning about “weapons designed for the theater of war,” President Obama on Wednesday called for immediate action on a new Federal Assault Weapons Ban. He said that “more of our fellow Americans might still be alive” if the original assault weapons ban, passed in 1994, had not expired in 2004. Last month, in the wake of the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.) promised to introduce an updated version of the ban. She too warned of the threat posed by “military weapons.”

After the nightmare of Newtown, their concern is understandable. Yet despite being at the center of the gun-control debate for decades, neither President Obama nor Ms. Feinstein (the author of the 1994 legislation) seems to understand the leading research on the effects of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban. In addition, they continue to mislabel the weapons they seek to ban.

Ms. Feinstein points to two studies by criminology professors Chris Koper and Jeff Roth for the National Institute of Justice to back up her contention that the ban reduced crime. She claims that their first study in 1997 showed that the ban decreased “total gun murders.” In fact, the authors wrote: “the evidence is not strong enough for us to conclude that there was any meaningful effect (i.e., that the effect was different from zero).”


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A Gun Ban that Misfired


In the wake of the horrific elementary-school shootings in Newtown, Conn., last month, many Americans, desperate to do something in response, have decided that much stricter gun control is the answer. Democrats have proposed reinstating the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, and Sen. Dianne Feinstein has proposed legislation that would even restrict the use of some semiautomatic handguns.

During a press conference Wednesday, President Obama called on congress to pass specific gun control proposals, including universal background checks and assault weapon regulation.

During his press conference on Wednesday, President Obama spoke about the right of gun ownership and the right to live free of gun violence. Photo: Getty Images

During a press conference Wednesday, President Obama called his gun control proposals ‘common sense measures’ and emphasized his support of the Second Amendment, saying, “I respect our strong tradition of gun ownership.” Photo: Getty Images.

As a former prosecutor in Washington, D.C., who enforced firearms and ammunition cases while a severe local gun ban was still in effect, I am skeptical of the benefits that many imagine will result from additional gun-control efforts. I dislike guns, but I believe that a nationwide firearms crackdown would place an undue burden on law enforcement and endanger civil liberties while potentially increasing crime.


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sharia law


Leftists shriek when any cuts are made to “free” programs and to welfare, but when a man’s ability to work is literally cut off, radio silence, or at best, “not all muslims are like that.” No, not all. The heroic defiant ones are not like that. But the ones who are devout and follow normal Islamic law- sharia- are. This is not an aberration of Islam. It is good old fashioned god fearing sharia.

killed for being raped


this crime happened last year in bangladesh. but it doesn’t matter, since it’s just every day life and the intention of all who push for or apologize for sharia law.